Why Do Programmers Wear Headphones While Programming?

Why do programmers wear headphones while programming? Why are they required to do so, as far as I know? What sort of abuse is done to their ears in the course of doing this?

When we consider the answer to the question, “Why do programmers wear headphones while programming?” we come to realize that it is not a very difficult question to answer. A programmer must wear headphones to be able to concentrate on their work. This is something they have to do.

Yes, they must be able to focus. If they did not, it would really get on their nerves. Imagine a programmer getting up from his desk and walking across the room just to check something.

They would have a hard time getting up to walk to the other side of the room if they were not already home and well occupied. This is something that must be done if we want them to concentrate on what they are doing, and get something done.

This is the same thing that happens when you are in a wrong way of thinking when you have a mental blockage. This is the reason why a programmer must wear headphones, for they must be able to focus on their work.

How do programmers go about distracting themselves to make sure they get the right angle, for doing their work? They can listen to some music, but that does not help. You see, programmers do not listen to music as much as you would think they do. They use whatever they think will help them concentrate.

There are many audio means available, that any sane person could take advantage of. For example, you can turn on your computer’s built-in speaker, and jam it with some of your favourite rock, rap, or techno tunes. In fact, it is probably more fun to jam with those than it is to listen to them on your own.

This being said, you should not just jam your own favourite tunes on the speaker. Make sure the tunes you play, are not ones you know by heart. Try out something that you find fun, not just something you like, and see what you come up with.

A cool record will also produce some interesting things. Just put on some songs that will create an effect, and remember to play only songs that you are comfortable with.

If you do not have computer music software, you can try some free software available online. A free audio player is your best bet for playing tunes that are not familiar to you. Some are quite good, and you may find yourself surprised at how good they sound.

Of course, there are programmers who insist on doing this, and that is fine. It just depends on what you prefer, to jam a tune or not.

It does not matter to programmers whether the tunes they jam with sound good or not. After all, they cannot afford to lose focus on their work, for their sanity is too important.