FUNDAMENTAL - To be a platform where opinion polls or surveys of issues affecting our society can be carried out. Also, to test basic myths and beliefs in our society in order to act as change agents for building a valuable society.

LONG TERM - To create a formidable and well-known Survey Company whose research can be quoted in any research work and can also be compared to the National Bureau or well-known research institutes.

COMMUNITY – to make recommendations based on data collected on every community survey we are able to conduct in order to cause changes in the community with their values and ideas


* Facilitating and providing a platform for the gathering and analysis of data

* To conduct electioneering polls in every strata of society.

* Encouraging and supporting members of communities to actively partake in projects and building of their society.

* Redefining leadership and raising selfless members through the recommendations based on our surveys.


We majorly run an in-campus system, and we mostly engage students in our polls. However, we hope to engage the larger society in the nearest future.