FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

What is Facts Count?
- Facts Count is a profit based organization whose core objective is to make data collection easy and affordable. More here

What exactly do you do?
- We organize surveys and opinion polls on several socio-political issues through our dedicated platforms, and these surveys are used for decision making, market research and academic research. Our services includes questionnaire design, data collection and survey analysis. We make the project work of University students easier and more affordable by eliminating the manual process of data gathering and questionnaire distribution.

How can I be a part of this?
- There are several ways you can be a part of all the interesting things we do here at Facts Count.

  1. You can register on our website (www.factscount.org) to constantly fill our surveys.
  2. You can refer your family, friends, and colleagues to fill surveys and also register on our platform.
  3. You can contract us to help you with your final-year project.
  4. You can be our ambassador, and refer to us, final-year students who need our services.

What is in it for me?
- You get to enjoy the satisfaction that you are a part of our success story in achieving a data-rich Nigeria. But more importantly, you can make some extra cash while you are at it. For every survey you fill, you earn #100 naira, and for every successful referral, you earn #50 naira. Your earnings are deposited in your wallet, and immediately you hit a threshold, you can request payout. Your money will be transferred to your bank account immediately you request payout.

It is not just another one of those schemes and scams?
- No, this is not  a scam. We are a legitimate business, with real people and a real solution to one of the biggest challenge in Africa today. We only give money as an incentive for people to constantly fill surveys and supply data.

Is my privacy protected?
- We ensure that the privacy of all our respondents is protected at all times. We will never use your responses for any other purpose asides research, and your responses are largely anonymous.

Why do I have to supply my bank details?
- This is so we can pay your earnings directly to your bank account. We are however working on a more convenient payment process that will not require those details.

For more enquiries, complaints or comments, kindly contact us