Facts Count is an online survey service that helps generate data, survey analysis and questionnaire design for research into academic, market and socio-political issues starting with students in Nigerian Tertiary institution, who use these data for school thesis, as we hope to bridge the information gap between individuals and society.

It is often said that “opinion is general, but facts are sacred.” We are a research organization, with the academic community as our initial target market. Nigeria has a mobile penetration of 150 million users and Over 500, 000 students graduate from Nigerian Tertiary Institutions every year, out of which about 65% require the use of questionnaires for their projects. We have an increasing pool of over 450 respondents who will constantly supply data and get paid incentives. It is this pool of respondents that helps to generate the data that we employ in organizing opinion polls and surveys for socio-political, market and academic research. Our services would initially be available to undergraduate and postgraduate students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria who require such data for their projects, dissertations and thesis. We provide easy access to Data and alternative source of income for Nigerian, thereby reducing poverty. Our platform (Website & App & USSD )helps increase efficiency, cost, time taken to carry out research while also making it comfortable for Respondents to take part in research at their own comfort with a device they take everywhere, and also guarantee access to alternative income that can be used for monthly data subscription , grocery shopping and increased savings.


Mojeed is a graduate of Political Science from University of Ibadan. He is a social entrepreneur, a public speaker and an unapologetic humanist who believes so much in the Nigerian dream that he spent most of his University days working on several problem-solving projects serving in both political and non-political organizations. He is the Creative-Director of Facts Count.

Gbenga is a final-year student of Human Nutrition and dietetics, and has been working on Facts Count since his first year in school. He currently serves as the Head of Finance / Business Operations of the organization.
A graduate of the University of Ibadan, a Co-founder and head of Human Resources management of Facts Count Ng.
  • RAJI ALIU​​​​​​​
Raji has his strengths in poetic and creative writing, public speaking and Graphics designing. He is an enthusiast of science, technology and arts. He works with the media and marketing team of Factscount and co-founder.

Adigun is a web developer and technology enthusiasts. He has developed several web platforms that helps to solve real challenges in his immediate environment. He is the lead technology officer and co-founder at Factscount.

Mujeeb is a cartoonist and trainee-educator. He founded The Artivists, a comic-based website, and works with the media team of Factscount.
Peter-Cole holds a Certificate in Communications, Public Speaking & Leadership from the Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. He is a Co-Founder at Facts Count. 
  • KUNLE ADEBAJO​​​​​​​
Kunle is an award winning campus journalist, writer, public speaker and social critic. He published two books on public speaking and journalism while studying law at University of Ibadan, and he is the poll research analyst for Factscount and co-founder.
Muraina Kehinde is a social entrepreneur, a public health enthusiast, prolific Writer and public speaker. He is a member of the YALI  Network (Young African Leaders Initiative) and serves in the capacity as the social media director for Oyo State. Kehinde is a part of Factscount's marketing team.
  • SEUN OYELUDE​​​​​​​
Seun is a researcher. He was initiator and co-founder at Students' Research Network, University of Ibadan.  He also served as two-term President at the same organization.  He's Director of Campaigns, Workshops and Events at SDSN Youth (S\W) Nigeria. Seun works with the research team of FactsCount to develop and design surveys.
Hassan is a Social media lover, a blogger, and a publicist. He works with the media and marketing team of Factscount.
  • Ojo Aderemi 
Remi is a student of history in University of Ibadan, a politician and a student activist. He is the convener of the patriotic intelligetsia movement, and be works with the research team to develop socially relevant surveys.